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A full stack marketer who’s led commercial, marketing and growth at some amazing Irish companies like @teamwork and @trustev. DC now is CEO of REPUBLIC OF WORK, an innovation campus, including a coworking and innovation hub for startups, SMEs and multinationals alike – smack bang in the middle of Cork City.

A specialist in launching new brands and products, he’s worked with companies all over the world to launch new products into the market including Starwood, Motorola, XBOX, Red Bull, Nokia to name a few. With over ten years work as a product strategist, DC is obsessed with building products with key messages at their core that deliver on a promise to their customers.

He’s passionate about helping people who start their own businesses. In his not so spare time, he’s helped over 65 startups across the globe get started, get funded and get noticed. He’s the co-founder of BUILTINCORK, a community initiative to help develop a world-class entrepreneurial ecosystem in his town city of Cork, Ireland so that great Cork startups in the technology, digital and e-commerce spaces can start locally but grow globally.

DC also sits on a number of Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards for companies and organisations advising mainly on strategy, market disruption and future of work programs.

DC has spoken at international and national events for companies like Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google, Mastercard, Bank of Ireland, AIB on topics like disruptive innovation, modern business models, influencer marketing and community development. He’s been known to present and MC at events, with language probably suitable for grown-ups only. If you’re interested in having him speak at an event, drop him a line.

He occasionally (but rarely) works on a consulting basis for companies looking to pin down their growth and marketing strategies, develop real disruptive innovation in their industries and bring new products to market. He work’s on a per-day fee basis. You can drop him a line if this interests you.

You can find him on Twitter, a lot, at donal_cahalane

I often post nice pictures of my food on Instagram

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  • #fridaynightfeast @jameswhelanbutchers Salt Aged Rib Eye, on a bed of Asian Veg, with wild mushrooms and crispy brussel sprouts with cashews and sriracha mayo.
  • So delighted to welcome our great friends Dan & Linda Kiely onboard as our new investors and partners at REPUBLIC OF WORK.
  • Tuesday night, Curry night.
  • Back in kitchen mode. Nothing beats Fajitas for chill out food.
  • This Friday at 11am we’re welcoming the team from EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year team to @republicofwork for an informal coffee morning alongside previous winners, finalists and alumni to talk about the competition and it’s impact on all the businesses that have participated. Come join us for a cuppa, great conversation and some exciting news from the team at REPUBLIC OF WORK that’s going to change everything.... register at republicofwork.eventbrite.ie
  • #spawday
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  • Puppies love their Sunday morning walk. #bestpals #beachbuddies
  • If you’ve been a good Girl or Boy and been working hard on your business this year join us at 11:30 on Christmas Eve for a Xmas drinkie before you start panic shopping for all the stuff you’ve forgotten to do! Link in bio!
  • Proper celebrities in the house today as @dustintheturkeyofficial joins us at @republicofwork
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