Hi, I'm DC. Let's talk about the #nextbigthing and the #futureofwork.

I'm passionate about Disruptive Innovation, Business Models, Starting and Scaling Businesses, Entrepreneurship and my home city of Cork, Ireland. I've led Growth and Marketing with some great companies like Teamwork.com and Trustev. Now I'm committed to helping people scale their businesses as CEO of REPUBLIC OF WORK, building spaces dedicated to the #futureofwork and helping develop a world class entrepreneurial ecosystem in Cork through BUILTINCORK. I like to keep in touch on Twitter.


Decisions are made by those who show up (Round II)

Nearly three years ago, Ireland faced a choice – equality for all, or give into the panic and old fashioned thinking of a few. I wrote about it here at the time. This week, in just a few days, we’re faced with an even bigger decision and regardless of which way you vote, the most […]


21 Reasons Your Potential Investors Said No

Spending most days around the businesses and startups based here at REPUBLIC OF WORK, rarely a day goes by where I won’t get involved in a fundraising or investment conversation; either with a startup trying to raise, or an investor who’s looking for a bit of an inside track on a startup that they’re looking […]


The % Error

I’ve been looking for the opportunity to restart my posting efforts on the blog here, which I’ve done a terrible job of updating lately. Today, I read this on twitter and it made my blood boil. Hey presto, the words came flowing. SERIOUSLY!!!! How long do I have to keep calling this out? "What well […]


The Easy Road

Startups are businesses. Why do some people seem to forget that? Especially the people running them. Not just ordinary businesses, but business at the hardest point in any journey; the start; where every minute, every hour, every day is valuable and irretrievable when wasted. Where every decision has consequences, where resources are extremely limited and […]

Trustev at Techcrunch Disript

Dance Monkey Dance

We were bricking it. It was the final of Startup Battlefield, the highlight of Techcrunch Disrupt New York, the world’s toughest pitching competition. Four long days of preparation, working on slides, owning our numbers, researching the judges, trying to guess what sort of questions they’d throw our way, technical rehearsal, after technical rehearsal, with little […]


No Failure Without Consequences

Risk taking is part of being an entrepreneur, in fact I rate it as the defining characteristic of being an entrepreneur because its usually the paralysis from fear of the unknown that stops people from becoming entrepreneurs in the first place. But for some reason we now live in a era that celebrates the cult […]


All about the raise: Focus on what matters when raising capital

A lot of first-time founders and startups are going out to raise money these days. It’s pretty hostile territory at the moment. And they usually start off awful, I mean really, really, really bad. Their only experience of this kind of finance is usually limited to their own personal finance stuff – applying for mortgages, […]


Quit hanging out with unicorns

It always amuses me when people in the startup space talk about Unicorns as something to aspire to – an imaginary creature thats more fiction than fact. Let’s face it, the guys and girls you want to meet and hang out with are the Rhinos, hard nosed motherfuckers that everyone respects, they’re basically armoured unicorns. […]


The Mentor Madness

Today, I read something that made me weep. Well, actually, it made me angry, so damn angry. In a advert for new ‘business mentors’ for a local enterprise board in Cork, it was highlighted as part of the application process that any applicants must have their own professional indemnity insurance, absolutely damning proof that it’s […]

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